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February 2023

100% Hands Free!
Jim and Pauline helped me sell my mother's home, who was in the middle of a medical emergency. I live in Los Gatos and am physically unable to pack boxes and move furniture. They handled EVERYTHING! I mean EVERYTHING! They moved my mother's entire house, packed all the boxes, drove multiple trips to the Goodwill to donate mom's things. They did the whole renovation. Painted, put in new carpet, rewired the electrical and even dealt with the plumbing issues.
They staged the home beautifully and best of all got a full cash offer $75K over the asking price. Escrow closed in two weeks and I never even had to go to Santa Cruz. We managed the entire sell over texts, docusign and email. I have owned and sold multiple homes and other commercial real estate in the Bay Area and this was one of the best experiences in my history. I thank them both wholeheartedly.
Review submitted by Jason Totah (Seller)

February 1, 2021

Working with Jim & Pauline was such a pleasure. My husband and I have wanted to move to Santa Cruz County area for many years. With our kids now grown, and in this juncture of our lives, it seemed it was the right time to make our move. In a historical time when the real estate market is very competitive, Jim & Pauline never let their foot off the gas. They are both very professional, accomplished and proven in the field which ultimately gave us the confidence and stamina we needed to navigate the market. With each new listing, and challenges we faced in the process, we always felt that they were looking out for our best interest, treating us as they would family. We finally made our dream come true and it would not have happened without the Zenner team. Jim & Pauline, thank you so much!  Ann and Eric

After a lengthy time remodeling my property at 213 Cortez in Capitola CA, I put the house on the market in February. I selected Jim and Pauline Zenner as my agents because I knew they were reputable people who had been in the industry for a long time. It is my belief that trust is essential in doing business and  you cannot find a more trustworthy pair in Real Estate than Jim and Pauline Zenner.
They had a vision for my property, staged it beautifully and immediately held Open Houses, security an offer that I accepted. That offer evaporated two days before closing escrwo due to the elderly buyer's fear of COVID-19, aka Coronavirus. They immediately went back to work and secured another offer which I accepted. That offer also evaporated within days of closing due to Covid. Meanwhile a bevy of restrictions came down from on high governing the showing of properties. Undaunted, these two standout Realtors wasted no time and secured yet a third offer. That offer finally went through and I could not be happier. If you have a property to sell and desire competant, professional service, I highly recommend using the expertise of Jim and Pauline Zenner with Karon Properties. You will not be disappointed!
Bruce Hunter

                                                                                                         June 15, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

We are very pleased to recommend with no reservation the services of Jim and Pauline Zenner as expert Real Estate professionals.

Jim has managed our property in Aptos, California very professionally, from finding a proper tenant to managing the property for almost two years. He never missed any payments or overlooked maintenance of the property.

When we decided to sell the property, Jim did a thorough market analysis, communicated our intent to sell to tenants with a lease and worked out terms to modify the lease that allowed showing the property to potential buyers.

Jim handled all the sale transactions involving 4 owners in 3 separate geographic locations electronically i.e., digital communication (DocUSign) throughout the transaction, detailed disclosure package, securing a strong offer from a well-qualified buyer in Georgia (including extensive HOA documentation.) Jim kept us informed of the transaction even during his vacation and saw through the close of escrow ahead of schedule.

We are very happy that all transaction closing documentation are securely retained for seven years after close of escrow.

I will be very happy to discuss any specifics of our recommendation with potential clients of Jim and Pauline Zenner and we strongly recommend their professional services.

Goud Memula, PhD
510 468-6546

                                                                                                     May 2014
Dear Sir,

I would like to highly recommend Mr. Jim Zenner as your real estate agent. It has been a very pleasant experience for purchasing the multi-unit properties as well as managing the properties through him. He is really experienced, thoughtful for the clients, precise, punctual and kind.

He has great connections in the communities for client base and for any miscellaneous things that need to be taken care of.

I have purchased two multi-unit properties in Santa Cruz and from him and am looking for a third one depending on the market condition. I have been very comfortable and happy to have all the units managed by him.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (i-chingchen@msn.com) (408) 410-5720 should you have any questions.


I-Ching Chen

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for your outstanding assistance in
selling the home of my very good friend, Rick Simms. 
Rick was a great friend but he wasn't diligent in the home repair department.  You knew exactly
what repairs were needed to get the house in "selling condition" and you knew the people that
could do the work.  Thanks also for your part in preparing the house "to show".  The small
but important touches.  The house went from a sorry looking mess to a show house with minimal
The sell went smoothly.  The buyers were happy.  Everything from start to finish couldn't have
be better.
I now know that an estate sale has it's own wrinkles and you were able to work through all aspects
of the "paperwork" and "legal concerns" with ease.  Thanks for that.
As the administrator of Mr. Simms estate, I am glad I "picked" the right person to sell Rick's
home.  The home he lived in for almost 30 years.
Thanks and please give my phone number or e-mail to anyone that would like to talk to me about
the type of service you provide.
John Kennedy
Administrator - Richard Simms Estate



To whom this concerns,

I would enthusiastically recommend Pauline and Jim Zenner as realtors.  They very recently represented my partner and I during our search for a new home and were attentive, kind and thorough.  We ended up having a very complex, stressful and difficult short sale and we couldn't have asked for better assistance from Jim and Pauline.  They turned over every stone helping us and called me at least once per day during the process to be of service.  They have a very deep and wide knowledge of the industry that is critical.   Honestly, they really will do what it takes to reach the best possible outcome for you.

You won't regret your choice!
Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.


Elisa Swanson



To whom it may concern,

          I would like to express a gratuitous thank you to Jim Zenner for his excellence in helping me find the house for me. Jim made all efforts to suit my off the wall schedule to help guide me throughout the area for a house I would soon call home. Jim was recommended to me by a friend and I knew right away that he was the right choice. As a first time buyer I had no idea of what to do. House after house Jim guided me through all the pros and cons of the properties. His sincere honesty is what made me trust and appreciate the whole experience. I truly can't imagine a more pleasant or professional confidant than Jim. His drive for business and being on top of things were second to none and yet he made the pressure almost not even exist due to his professionalism and love of helping people.

I want other clients to have the same stellar experience as I did so I can only recommend the best that I know, and that is Jim Zenner.

                                                       Thanks again Jim!
                                                                                  Sincerely, Marc Mund

To Whom It May Concern: 
     This email is a professional recommendation for Jim and Pauline Zenner, our real estate agents and brokers.  We purchased our property in Scotts Valley in 2002.  Jim Zenner was the real estate agent working on behalf of the seller at that time.  He ultimately worked as the agent for both the buyer (us) and the seller.  We were very happy with the progress of the sale, and our purchase, of the property we resided in for 9 years.  The financial and technical details were handled professionally and ethically. 
     When we decided to sell our property in 2011 we contacted Jim Zenner because we knew he would handle the sale of our home as an expert in the field and as a professional.  He again assisted us with the details and listed our home competitively.  His photographer put together a virtual tour of our home.  We had an offer within a week and closed escrow within 30 days!  We believe we were successful with the transactions due to the professionalism of Jim and Pauline Zenner. It was a pleasure to work with Jim and Pauline and we highly recommend their expertise to anyone considering the sale of a valuable property.  Please feel free to send an email if you wish to confer further. 
Best Wishes for a successful sale and/or purchase,
Diane Silvers, Ed.D. 
Jonathan Weiner, M.D. 

Dear Jim and Pauline
I would like to be able to tell your potential clients about the great experiences that I had in 2011 working with you. 
First I asked you if you could help me sell a piece of commercial property that my sister and I owned.  The tenant was the buyer.  You referred me to a local attorney who could handle the matter for us.  You explained that he could prepare the paperwork.  This worked out well.
The next project was looking for another house in Santa Cruz. What was unique about this purchase was that my husband and I were going to help our son and daughter in law purchase a home.  What I liked was that you worked with my kids and listened to what they wanted in this new home. You also knew how much money my husband and I were willing to spend. The mortgage payment, taxes etc had to be something the kids could handle on their own. You were very patient with all of us. I really liked that we could view existing inventory on your web site.  I think we walked through several homes before we found one that met the criteria for four people.  Once we decided that the house on Morrissey could be the one we would purchase, you worked around my complicated schedule to explain paperwork, working with our mortgage broker and helping through the title process. Your knowledge of reliable people to help the kids on their limited budget was amazing. I believed that you worked with my kids for six months.  They have lived in their new home for almost a year.  You understood where they wanted to live and what they needed in this property. 
In March of last year, I asked you to list my family's beach house. This house had been my parents residence since the 1970's. The house was older and needed a little refreshing.  Again, you had people that you recommended we use and you also helped supervise the job. During this time period, there were several houses for sale, with at least two others listed in my neighborhood.  Since the house was on East Cliff Drive, you put the "coming soon" sign up right away, which of course attracted the attention of the neighbors.  You told me that my neighbors just might know someone who they would like to be their neighbor.  We looked at listings to see what was for sale in my area, how many days on the market and how were recent purchases financed in my neighborhood.  You came up with the dollar figure for the sales price and I said no, it was too high, I wanted to move this house. One house up the street had been on the market for a year. You kindly told me that I could always drop the price and that you wanted to start with listing price "X". I also wanted to delay putting the house on the market as I was going to Hawaii for two weeks. Again you assured me that you felt that the house should be on the market for the Easter vacation. I realized that I had hired you to sell this house and you knew the market better than I did.  I knew that you had my best interests in your hands.  Before we left for Hawaii, I told you, "Remember Hawaii is three hours back.  Don't call me until it is 11:00 your time to tell me you sold the house".  Well, I had been on vacation a couple of days and you called to tell me you had an offer that was $25,000 less, all cash and a closing date of 30 days.  We now laugh about how you went on my vacation to Hawaii, calling, emailing and faxing papers to me.  My concern was would I be home in time to finish emptying the house before it closed.  You assured me that their were people we could hire to get this done in a timely fashion.  We had to use a different title company for the sale because my sisters half was sold using a power of attorney.  Again, you helped us with the paperwork and even entertained my three year old granddaughter so I could listen to the title company's escrow officers instructions.
I can not say enough about Jim and Pauline's professionalism. They know the market and they get to know their client's.  I was so please with each dealing I had with Jim last year.  I have referred Jim to a couple of people and will continue to do so in the future.
Christine Forbus

Jim Zenner is a down to earth, warm, and personable individual.  He is more
interested in finding his customers the right home than just making a sale.
Much of the initial time he spent with us focused on learning about us, our
wants, and our needs; he makes every effort to find the right fit for the
people he is representing. Jim will point out faults and concerns he
encounters, in houses & the neighborhoods, and often asks the question "are
you sure this is what you want?"

We love our new home. It is everything that we were hoping to find, and in a
wonderful neighborhood. Jim helped us find the perfect home, and worked hard
to negotiate a price within our means. The conclusion of our business with
Jim felt more like a celebration for all rather than some corporate sales

We love Jim and Pauline!

Matt, Athena, & Jaden